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What’s in your online profile?

Trying to make online connections can sometimes turn out to be a complete disaster if you use the wrong strategy and this can make you look like a real “character.”

Lying on a profile is considered the easiest and fastest way to a broken heart and leaves a very bad impression of you.

The way you conduct yourself online is considered a reflection of who you really are as a person. What impression will you leave, if you lie?

An image of Pinocchio comes to mind.

GeoWinks - Pinnochio

The first impression that you provide online begins with the profile messages, images and comments that you make on social media connection platforms and applications like GeoWinks.

If you want to avoid disasters later be honest and be yourself online at all times.

There is nothing worse than anticipating meeting someone and finding out that they appear nothing like their profile. Fluff up your profile by making it sound more positive and interesting, but do not outright lie, there is a difference.

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If you lie, you will never be able to make real life connections and this is the complete opposite of what you are trying to accomplish.

Searching for my own connections, I remember thinking how ridiculous some people sounded when they responded to requests that I sent. In fact, some of them were simply so ridiculous, they left a lasting impression.

GeoWinks-thought-bubble-804 X 646

Here are some of my all time favorite replies:

“Why would you contact me? You are a Catholic and I am a Jewish, I only date other jewish people.”

  • This person may have wanted to put the fact that religion was very important to them in their profile.
  • Making me feel like I did something wrong because I was writing to them – not cool.

My lasting impression of this person – Daffy, glad I ducked that one!

Its a bus - use it! GeoWinks

Its a bus – use it!








“I find you extremely interesting, but I do not have a car, so I only want to date someone who is within a mile of where I live as I do not like travelling.”  

  • This person does not think that I am worth travelling more than a mile to meet? Yikes!

A Couch potato who has not seen the light of day since Atari was invented? Stay Put marshmallow!

“Where is your photo dude?”

  •  I am not a dude!

I just cannot help thinking, why does this response remind me of a movie I have seen? Dude, where’s your head? 

“Have you found anyone on this site?”

  • This has to be my favorite answer of all.

If I found someone on the site, why would I be contacting you?  This guy is somewhere over the rainbow!

Rainbow Love - GeoWinks

While this may seem comical, these are real life situations that happen each day online and can easily be avoided if you take the time to create your profiles with some common sense and some honesty. Know what you want and expect of a person before you start making demands otherwise you may end up looking like Mr. Potato Head!

 GeoWinks social networking application can get you started, however, the rest is up to you!




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