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Only time heals a broken heart

“There is nothing greater than the feeling of love, and nothing worse than the feeling of a broken heart.” ~ Anonymous.

If you have recently found yourself single, you know that no truer words have ever been spoken. A broken heart hurts worse than anything imaginable and while we all want to find love, there are some things you should consider before attempting to get back into the water so quickly.

Dating can sometimes be like a jumping into a tank full of hungry sharks who simply want to take advantage of your vulnerable state. If you are gravely wounded, you may find yourself splashing around looking for a life preserver, and end up caught in a fishnet.

Sometimes walking on the beach and playing in the sand is a whole lot safer than actually taking the plunge.

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Here are some tips to getting through the rough waters that you may find yourself in until you are ready to set sail once again:

  • Rebound type relationships rarely work. You may be setting yourself or someone else up to get hurt and this is not fair to either of you.

  • By all means, test the waters and see what is out there, but try not to jump right back into a long term relationship when you’re not prepared for what might not last very long.

  • Go out with friends, meet new people and make new connections.

  • Remember, you do not always have to go on a “date,” to go out with someone, sometimes just talking to someone about your feelings helps a great deal.

  • While taking time to heal, think about what you learned from the last relationship so you won’t make the same mistakes or accept the same behaviours in the next one.

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Being single is not always a bad thing, especially if you were in a toxic relationship. Try to think of it in a more positive way. Take the time to regain focus in your life and do important things for yourself that you have neglected. This will help you heal faster and allow you to cope more easily.

What most people fail to realize is that being hurt is very stressful. Stress leads to negativity and this can be damaging to your well being.  You need to pull yourself back to a more positive lifestyle, because there are many other fish in the sea, waiting for you.

The only thing that truly ever mends a broken heart and heals the pain, is time.

Take all the time you need, and when you are finally ready to get back on the love boat, you may find the ride a whole lot calmer than you imagined if you don’t rush in.

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