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If you think before you wink, you may just sink!

Ever had a moment in your life when you wish you had a do over?

A moment like when you are standing on the platform of the train station waiting for the next train to arrive so you can get to work, when suddenly out of the corner of your eye, you see someone so incredibly beautiful you wish that you could jump the tracks just to say; “Hello?” After a few seconds have passed, you realize you have been staring intently at the person and now you are embarrassed and you just want to get away.
Julie Grad Shoot - GeoWinks
Things are always a little bit different when you take a glance back at the person and realize that instead of looking at you like they are about to call 911 on their mobile phone, they are actually smiling and “winking” back at you. Unfortunately, that is usually the moment when their train comes and “poof” they are gone. It is also the moment that your realize you will probably spend the rest of your day or lifetime thinking about another missed connection that could have led to something wonderful.
It is the best and worst moment in the world and we have all experienced it at one time or another.
Willy Winks - GeoWinks Mascot
Willy Winks says, “back up a bit, what if things were different?”
What if you had the opportunity right in that moment to not miss a chance at meeting someone great? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Well that moment has arrived, and its even better than you can imagine, because yes its true, there is even an app for that!
It is called GeoWinks and its the newest and hottest application to have ever hit the Android and Apple market and you can have it too!
With our GoeWinks app, not only can you tell that incredible person across the tracks just how beautiful they are, you can exchange digits too! Even better, you will get to work on time and that will make your boss happy too.

Mobile applications, you just gotta love them!

Different from all other dating websites and applications, the GeoWinks application is designed to provide the opportunity for its’ users to make an instant connection with other “Winkers” so they will not miss an opportunity to create a connection.

Julie Grad Shoot - GeoWinks

It is an in the moment exchange of information. Yes, it has all the bells and whistles of all the other apps, but clearly it is as unique as each of its “Winkers.”
Winking is catching on, and you are either a winker or a thinker? If you take too much time to think about a connection, it usually passes you by. Think about that while the rest of us are winking at the cute blond guy, oops, sorry Willy, standing right next to you!
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