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GeoWinks is social dating on autopilot.

GeoWinks social networking application is like speed dating on auto pilot except there are no limits to the amount or type of connections that you can make, or the time you can spent chatting with them.

GeoWinks Speeddating in the dark

When you click on the convenient location map that comes with GeoWinks application, you will see a list of online users that are in close proximity to your current location. This provides you the possibility to meet with someone “in real life, and in the moment,” much like speed dating. A simple wink to say “Hello, I am sitting at the corner table near the door and I can see you right now. I think you’re handsome, I checked out your profile and I think we have a great deal in common, will you join me for a coffee to see if we make a connection?” just might be the start of something wonderful. It is very similar to speed dating, the only difference is, the choice of who you meet with, is in your control.

GeoWinks, Speed dating

With the GeoWinks application, you can also send a message, wink secretly or add people that you like to your list of contacts and meet with them whenever it’s convenient for you, so you never miss an opportunity to make a connection. Real life, real connections is what it’s all about, and perhaps the reason it has become so popular so fast, with over 5000 downloads to date.

GeoWinks provides many “real” life connection opportunities with its famous Miami Hot Spot parties. If you do not always have the time for a “speed” date, you can always take advantage of these.

GeoWInks Speeddating

The truth is, speed dating, while highly popular, is not all it is cracked up to be.

Here is how a typical speed dating evening takes place:

You arrive at the venue (usually a nightclub) with about a dozen or so other singles. You sign in and are provided with a speed dating number and some sort of medium for taking notes.

  1. Random choices for your potential connections are made and given to you.

  2. Once you locate your first paired match, you will begin dating and spend the assigned time getting to know each other. This is usually no more than ten minutes. This continues with each round, until all rounds are finished. You will indicate which individual(s) you are most interested in making a connection with.

  3. If you both agree, then a connection is made and you can reconnect at a later date.

Sounds easy enough? It is. The speed dating process is a little less appealing however, because ~

  • It is only natural to judge someone on first impressions. Ten minutes is not a great deal of time to get to know someone and you may be missing out a great opportunity.

  • Because of the random pairing system, you never know who you are going to meet and you may already know that you have no interest in the current connection. This can be torture to have to continue talking to someone you do not like and minutes can seem like hours!

  • GeoWinks lets you know beforehand if the other person has any interest in you and this limits the possibility of rejection.

  • Speed dating is best for people with thick skin, as it can really hurt your ego and is not recommended for shy or reserved individuals.

  • There may be a connection that has caught your attention at the speed dating venue, but he or she is not part of your pairing and you may miss an opportunity to even talk to that connection. GeoWinks was designed specifically for missed connections, so this will never happen when you use the application.

  • Speed dating companies often use their own paid “dating” staff to pretend to be potential matches if there is not a great deal of real participants in the evening.

  • Last but certainly not least if no connection are made, you may feel that you would have had a better chance meeting someone at your mother’s bingo hall.

What happens when you actually meet someone at the speed dating venue that you felt a connection to, but were unable to finish the conversation? Perhaps there was someone who caught your attention and you wanted to spend a few more minutes after the speed round talking to them, but they were already gone?  This can and does happen at these kind of events.  

Speed dating can be a huge and costly disappointment and while we cannot guarantee an instant connection, we can tell you that GeoWinks was developed to address all of these issues and many more, so go ahead and use it for speed dating, but just remember, if you do, you might just enjoy the added real life approach!

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