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Drinks that can really hit your hot spot!

From the moment that it reaches your lips, you can instantly feel the burning sensation as it slowly moves its way down your throat sending spine tingling chills throughout your body. It lasts for only a moment, but you will never forget the first time. If you have never had a really good “hot” shot or cocktail, you have no idea what you’re missing.

Tequila Rose is just one example of a sexy cocktail that can set the mood for an entire evening of romance and good clean dating fun.

If you are looking to do something different on your next date, why not have a “hot shot” tasting?

GeoWinks Drinks

There are many fun and creative ways to do this, including:

  • Purchase some of your favourite liqueurs and experiment with different combinations.

  • Have a cocktail making contest to see which one of you can create the “hottest” drink. Spice it up by naming the winning cocktail something “sexy” that you both decide upon (or let the winner choose) and you will forever have your very own special dating drink. Who knows, someday if you were to get married, you can use the drink at your wedding to celebrate!

  • Plan a map of the local night spots in the area and visit each of them to test the hottest “shot” in the club. Vote on which one makes the best drink and do not forget to post it on your social media and tell us about it, so we can too!

We can all but guarantee, if you tell the club owners what your plans for the evening are, chances are they will try to whip you up a really hot and sexy cocktail.

There is nothing like the sensation of a smooth shot to set your night on fire and with over three thousand known combinations of cocktails and shots, it is not hard to imagine why it is so difficult to find the perfect one.

#31 - Fire Martini - GeoWinks

The fire martini seen here is sure to make some sparks fly!

Not the most perfect, but perhaps the most popular, a B-52 is the most well known hot shot in North America. A perfect combination of Bailey’s, Kahlua and Triple Sec, it sizzles and tantalizes the palate in a way that it almost indescribable. You simply must try it yourself in order to understand.

GeoWinks Drinks2

These five liqueurs are all you really need for a night of fun with hot shots!

GeoWinks has the perfect opportunity for you to try some shots and meet some new people at its upcoming “Hot Spot” party to be held at Murphy’s Law on July 25th right here in Miami at the Hard Rock Casino. In fact, we will creating our very own version of a sexy cocktail (or as we like to call a “wink”) specially made for our “winkers.”

Everyone who installs the GeoWinks application will have get a free “wink.”

What would you call the sexiest, greenest and wildest drink made especially for the hottest “singles” in town? Let us know and perhaps you just may win a special prize!

For more information on the upcoming party, please follow our social media, download the application or subscribe to our newsletter via QR code or Text!

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