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Do you have dating guidelines in place?

Imagine yourself and your date sitting on the beach while you are both tightly nestled in a soft blanket. Perfumed candles and flower petals surround you, the air is cool, fresh and the sound of the waves crashing against the shoreline is romantic and soothing.  You are both staring into the night sky talking for what seemed like a few minutes when suddenly the sun begins to set and it is almost morning. It is then that you realize you have actually been talking for hours, the time has flown by and you barely noticed. This is a called a romantic moment and what most of us are searching for.
While some people have many of these, some people will never know what this kind of moment feels like because they have never taken a risk on dating.
Dating and romance involves some form of risk, because a heart can easily be broken. There is nothing worse than the feeling of a broken heart, however, nothing compares to what true love feels like. Unfortunately, in order to find love, you will have to take the risk of a few broken hearts along the way.

The good news is you can limit the risk of a bad dating experience by setting a few dating guidelines.

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Remember, the right match for you may not always be what you want, but it might be exactly what you need.
If you have not dated in a long time, you may set yourself up for failure by lowering your standards. This is never a good start to a healthy relationship. A perfect example of this might be, a recovering alcoholic who dates someone who likes to frequent nightclubs. This is the start of a potentially toxic relationship and not worth the risk.  Do yourself a favour, stay far away from this kind of dating unless it is just for some dating fun. Do not expect it to turn into anything more . There is nothing wrong with dating just for fun, just do not confuse it with a potential love interest.
Set guidelines for potential connections based on behaviours and personal qualities that you know that you can accept and ones that you cannot. No one should have to accept things they do not want to just to be loved and the truth is, if you think your can change someone, you have already failed. We all have expectations of the perfect relationship and if it is not met, we can become disappointed. You have to stop trying to find someone to change, you have to look for someone who already has the qualities you’re looking nice

GeoWinks application is the perfect solution for dating because it was created for this exact purpose.

You can filter potential connections by interests, personal qualities and other important features that will provide you with a better dating experience by dating people that are right for you!  Doesn’t that make sense? Of course it does, why do you think there are so many winkers out there.  Are you a winker or are you still thinking about it? What possible connection are you missing out on?  Download the application today and get to it, love is waiting for you!


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