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Blind dates are a thing of the past with GeoWinks app.

While the thought of meeting someone new was pretty exciting, I was pretty nervous waiting outside my friend’s house that day for my blind date. She planned this “connection” for me as a surprise for my birthday and I just did not have the heart to say no.

I was so busy with school and working back then, I rarely had time to go out and she thought since he was in a very similar boat and we had a great deal in common, we made a good “hook and reel,”as she so eloquently put it.

I remember feeling excited and apprehensive at the very same time because I was afraid he might look like something out of a bad science-fiction adventure movie. My friend tended to be a bit “loose” on her own choices for men. Even so, I thought it might be nice to actually go to a movie with someone from the opposite sex and it was the one movie that I was looking forward to seeing.

After all, one blind date couldn’t be all that bad, could it?

When my date finally arrived, I was quite pleased as he was extremely good looking, very polite and well dressed. Every woman knows,there is nothing like a well dressed man to start your fire. I laughed to myself as I thought,“How does Sarah even know a guy like this?”

Clearly, this was going to be one of the best dates ever!

We made a connection right from the start and it seemed like this might be the start of a budding relationship. That was, until we arrived at the movie. It was there that I made a complete fool of myself. Looking back now, I am still embarrassed about the whole thing, but it was also quite comical.

The movie starred Jean Claude Van Damme who was my favorite actor at the time and when he came on the screen partially in his “birthday suit” I just about went ballistic. I kept giggling and mentioning how “adorable” he was. I do not know if it was nerves or not, but I just couldn’t stop doing that and I felt silly. Half way through the movie, I looked over at my date and realized he must have thought I had gone insane. Picture this ~ A simply gorgeous guy sitting right next to me in the flesh and I am giggling and staring intently almost panting at an actor on the screen. My face must have turned ten shades of purple when I saw the look on his face.

Thankfully after I regained some composure, I was able to pull back this disaster of a date with a stupid joke and a few perfectly timed winks. We dated for a short while afterwards, but that was a very long time ago when a blind date literally meant “blind.”  I think about him often and always wanted to find a way to leave him a message just to tell him, he was the one who got away.

It is for reasons like this that GeoWinks developed its application. Users can leave messages or “winks” for lost loved ones so you never have to miss an opportunity to tell someone how you feel.

Blind dates have come a very long way since those days, with the advent of social networking platforms and mobile applications like GeoWinks. People no longer have to wait to see what a blind date will look like, they can simply click and view the person’s profile before agreeing to meet.

There is nothing worse than having to spend an entire evening talking to someone who does not interest you.

Blind dating is a whole lot more fun and a whole lot less dangerous today than it used to be. When you think about it, blind dating was actually pretty risky and very dangerous, however, it was often the only way we had to make a connection back then.

GeoWinks provides users a means to safely and discreetly verify a person’s profile before any connection is made, this is a whole lot safer way to make a potential connection and while it does not guarantee it will go well, it does at the very least avoid you having to spend and entire evening with Medusa.

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